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nanami kento, fushiguro megumi; precanon

XX village is located in the middle of the mountains in XX county, XX prefecture.
This time we investigate the strange disturbances in there.

The village was completely annihilated in only one night. After that night the village became a ghost town and completely disappeared during a landslide in 1976. No longer can you find the village on any map. XX village was merged with the neighbouring village. From then on the existence of XX village was hushed up. Or so we thought.


Testimony 1: The village still exists in the mountains of XX county and blood stained clothes can be found in the abandoned houses.
Testimony 2: One old woman, on all fours, can be found in the village devouring something.
Testimony 3: If you enter the village you will lose your mind and pass out, due to the hatred of the dead villagers.
Testimony 4: Young people, in search of the ghost village, have gone missing, never to be seen again.


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