What’s my story? Here, I have it: just for tonight, I’m giving up.
(I dreamt I drew a new self out of smoke, and by the time you saw the difference I was long, long since gone.)


It was my reflection
I was avoiding. The rabbit hole that is my face.

[icon]https://i.imgur.com/JhkbFjH.png[/icon][nick]zoya nazyalensky[/nick][status]the piece that goes missing[/status][fandom]grishaverse[/fandom][char]зоя назяленская[/char][lz]Like any desert, I learn myself by what’s desired of me— and I am demoned by those desires. For this, I move like a wound—always, and fruiting, sweetened by the thorn.[/lz][sign] [indent]  [indent]  I know now I wasn’t afraid of mirrors because I thought I might tip into them.[/sign]