When we first met and talked, I remember you saying that and thinking it was so weird because I had a partner, and ex-partner, say to me, “You’re building a house inside of our house—you’re building a minihouse where you go and live, and I’m not invited.” And I was like, “Yeah, I’m also building a secret escape tunnel. You have no idea what’s happening underneath.”


[nick]Pylades[/nick][char]пилад[/char][fandom]greek mythology[/fandom][icon]https://i.imgur.com/wrSjRC9.png[/icon][lz]Crows blown like black handkerchiefs from a funeral feast into the tangled treetops ex-changed shrill chatter there, a running commentary on all that was happening around them. Everything was in vibrant flux.[/lz][status]violence, mourning, politics[/status][sign]doe-eyed as you buried me[/sign]